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Driver Responsibility

Although they are given to teenagers, driving privileges are a huge responsibility. Devastating things can happen when someone makes a mistake behind the wheel, but there are some preventative measures you and your loved ones can take. The following are some common traffic safety hazards you can watch out for, as well as what to do when you encounter them.

Reckless Drivers

Whether someone is driving under the influence or is texting behind the wheel, reckless driving is one of the most common traffic safety hazard results. Cautious drivers should always be alert when they are behind the wheel, especially on the weekend when everyone wants to let loose. If you do notice someone driving recklessly, keep your distance. If you are able, pull over to call the authorities and report the dangerous driver.

Children in the Back Seat

Babies crying, teenagers arguing and toddlers trying to break free from a seatbelt can all get distracting. You love your kids, but they can be a safety hazard from the back seat of your own car. Plan your trip ahead of time with activities for everyone and make plenty of stops. If you need to deal with a child, pull over somewhere safe, stop the car and handle the situation.

Road Construction

Road construction is meant to create a safer and better way to travel, but it often creates a temporary safety hazard. When a car accident attorney represents someone who had an accident in a road construction zone, it is often asked if the driver was obeying the reduced construction zone speed limit or wasn’t paying attention to the added hazards that exist there. It’s important to know where the construction zones are and plan to leave your home early so you can stay calm during construction delays.

Overloaded Roads

Have you ever been in a traffic jam that seemed to keep you on the road all day? Some roads are simply overloaded where populations continue to grow. If you’ve noticed your commute getting more and more overloaded, consider public transportation or carpooling. If those aren’t options for you, remember to stay calm and give yourself plenty of time to get from point A to point B.